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Brenton Hunting AR Rifle
Flatwire Buffer Spring Technology
Hunter Stock
Gas Deflecting Charge Handle
HunterSize™ Rear Pull Pin
Patent Pending ReceiverLock™
Insulated All-Weather Grip
Single Stage 3.5 lbs Trigger
NiB Coated BCG
LongLoad™ Hunting Magazine w/LimitBlock™
Tripod Rail
MarbleKote™ 10g Graphics
Patent Pending RealFeel™ Handguard
Bipod Rail w/QD Sling Mounts
Performance Grade Barrel
Muzzle Threads For Suppressor Use

Hunt With Confidence

Brenton has redefined quality with the introduction of HuntSpec™ technology. HuntSpec leaves completely the low bid, rigid government oversight of mil spec manufactured black rifles. HuntSpec™ allows for the use of new materials and tighter tolerances not known in the black rifle world.
Brenton rifles lead the industry in hunting rifle technology. Our rifles include five Brenton exclusive patent pending features which allow them to perform like a premium hunting rifle should. Our rifles are designed, tested and built by serious hunters for serious hunters.
Available in twelve powerful chambers, Brenton rifles are capable of taking all North American game animals when shots are taken at appropriate distances.
The two-piece design and precision alignment of Brenton receivers allow hunters to switch from one chamber to another in a matter of seconds without the use of any tools. Big game uppers can be switched out for varmint uppers with the push of two pins.
Balance and Pointability. Benton's hunter weight barrel profile and vertical pistol grip, as well as our RealFeel™ handguard make these rifles the steadiest and quickest pointing hunting rifle available today.

Best Selling AR Hunting Rifles

Brenton USA designs and tests for hunting from the ground up. Our AR hunting rifles are built for hunters by hunters. We employ a three-prong approach called HuntSpec™, which combines the elements of: Look, Feel and Performance that will change the way you hunt.

Hunting Time is Limited and Opportunities are Few

Competition is fierce and hunting time is at a premium. When it comes time to take the shot, there should be no doubt that your rifle will help you make the most of the opportunity. That’s why we created our modern style hunting rifle, built for hunters by hunters that represents the latest in efficiency and innovation.



NEW! Ready to Hunt Package

The Brenton ready to hunt package includes everything you need for successful big game and varmint hunting adventure.

  • Brenton USA Pursuit Series Rifle: Tracker -or- Scout
  • Leupold VX-3HD 3.5-10 Duplex w/ Warne Xskel Mount
  • Brenton USA Pursuit Series Upper: Tracker -or- Scout
  • Leupold VX-3HD 4.5-14 Duplex w/ Warne Xskel Mount
  • (4) Brenton USA Long-Load Magazines (2 per chamber)
  • BT46-LW17 PRS Atlas Bipod: Standard Height w/ ADM 170-S Lever
  • Blue Force Gear Vickers Sling w/ QD Swivels
  • SKB Custom Fit Hard Case
Brenton Hunt Package



AR Hunting 5 Stars

 “Finding a quality AR was tough at first. I called Brenton USA and they answered all my questions and fitted me with a rifle that suited my needs. I was very pleased with the Ranger. The fit and finish is great and shoots awesome. I don't see where you could go wrong purchasing one of these rifles.”
—Richard F.


“Outstanding!!! Not a better rifle on the market. I'm getting set for another one.”
—Darrel L.

“If you hunt varmints or big game, you have to check these out.”
—Howie H.

“I had high expectations for your rifle and you completely met and exceeded them! I broke/sighted the gun in as you recommended and began shooting it for practice as I always do in preparation for hunting. Wow! Ten shoots in the size of a quarter at 100 yds. Keep up the great work!”
— David C.

Join The New Breed of Hunters in 3 Steps

Brenton AR Hunting Rifles come with a RealFeel™ Promise and Forever Warranty.

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