Why Hunt With An AR?

The AR is the most advanced hunting platform on the planet.
Serious AR Hunters know that their tool of choice represents the latest in hunting efficiency and innovation.


Faster follow up shots
Battle proven

It’s America’s Rifle
The Future of Hunting
Built by Hunters, for Hunters

The anti-gun media and even the traditionalists all say the AR has no place in hunting. We say yes it does. Our line of AR Hunting Rifles are for those who go against the grain. Who say no to past—and yes to the future. They cut their own path and refuse to be stopped from achieving their goal. Our Pack represents a rugged new breed of serious hunters that aren’t afraid to make a statement.

Like you, we were frustrated at not being able to find a quality, reliable AR Hunting Rifle, so we built it.

Premium Barrels w/Hunting Profile
High-Quality Stocks

Fore-end Comfort & Feel
Coatings & Camo
Hunter Size Furniture

Chambers & Mag Capacities
Streamlined Design

 “Finding a quality AR was tough at first. I called Brenton USA and they answered all my questions and fitted me with a rifle that suited my needs. I was very pleased with the Ranger. The fit and finish is great and shoots awesome. I don’t see where you could go wrong purchasing one of these rifles.”
—Richard F.

“Outstanding!!! Not a better rifle on the market. I’m getting set for another one.”
—Darrel L.

“If you hunt varmints or big game, you have to check these out.”
—Howie H.

“I absolutely love my new AR. Very well built. Great product and great customer service.”
—Jeremy K.

2019 Brenton USA Catalog
To download our 2019 Catalog, please click on the image below.

2019 Brenton Catalog