Dedicated to the will, character,
and determination
of the American AR Hunter.

Our approach to hunting starts with a focus on improving the AR platform for hunting efficiency. Brenton USA is the only premium AR Hunting Rifle manufacturer that specializes in designing and engineering AR Hunting Rifles for hunters, by hunters.

We Defined The AR Hunting Rifle.

Brenton USA has defined what an AR Hunting Rifle should be. Our Premium AR Hunting Rifles are reliable, durable and sub-MOA accurate — explicitly designed for the serious American AR Hunter.
  • Match-grade Barrels w/ Hunting Weight Profile
  • High-Quality Stocks
  • Hunter Size Furniture
  • Fore-end Comfort & Feel
  • Coatings
  • Camo
  • Chambers & Mag Capacities
  • Streamlined Design without Legacy Military Features

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