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The Brenton Story

The Brenton USA story began with one man’s frustration to find a quality, and reliable AR Hunting Rifle chambered in 450 BM for use in the straight walled cartridge hunting zones of Michigan in 2014.

To understand Brenton USA, one must first understand its founder, Bartt Brenton. Bartt is an engineer with thirty-plus years of experience from working at the world’s largest superconducting cyclotron laboratory at Michigan State University. Bartt is also an accomplished hunter and all around sportsman. He began hunting at an early age with his father and other family members. He has taken over 200 North American big game animals and as many varmints and predators. The combination of outdoor and scientific experiences as well as exposure to cutting-edge science and unique materials would later serve as a vast knowledge base of hunting technique, engineering practice and product design. This would prove valuable during the planning and development of the first Brenton rifle. His vision, leadership, ingenuity and manufacturing know-how would cement the foundation of innovations to follow.

Since then, Brenton USA — a family-owned business (formerly Bartz Manufacturing) has experienced significant growth and has since expanded their line of AR Hunting Rifles and cartridge offerings to include options suitable for taking all North American game.

Brenton Rifles begin with what the serious AR Hunter needs to be more successful and efficient afield. You will notice low bid Mil-Spec components and a number of legacy military features purposefully excluded from our rifles. We are only concerned with sound engineering principles and genuine improvements that add functionality and efficiency when hunting — which differ from other rifles on the market that are based on tactical applications. We call this approach Hunter-Spec™.

Our rifles carry hands-free for less fatigue on long hunts. They shoot flat and are capable of accurately delivering 1000 ft/lbs of energy on target beyond 400 yds. They have less recoil for quicker follow-up shots, are reliable, durable and accurate. They are designed to fit the shooter and feel like a premium-hunting rifle should.

Brenton USA is the only AR Hunting Rifle Company as dedicated to the success of your hunt as you are. When you hunt, we hunt with you. Our design decisions, material selections, coatings, component engineering and customer service, are centered and driven by the needs of serious hunters — backed by a strong commitment to impeccable quality.

Simply put, Brenton USA builds the best Performance Grade AR Hunting Rifle available to the American AR Hunter today.

Brenton Story

Our Promise

All Brenton AR Hunting Rifles come with our “RealFeel” Promise: The Brenton family promises that your rifle will look, feel and perform like a Hunting Rifle should.