AR Hunting Rifle Adjustable Trigger
As hunters, we place a premium on feel and reliability—which is why we set out to design the single-stage, adjustable drop-in BT-1 trigger. 

The BT-1 satisfies the most discriminating of shooters with its fully adjustable (3.5 lbs. to 6.5 lbs.) pull weight. The BT-1 feels “smooth”—and breaks “crisp.” “Smooth and crisp” is universally agreed upon by all serious hunters and target shooters of what defines a premium trigger.

The BT-1 hammer strike has sufficient power to ignite the tougher cup primers used by today’s MSR ammo manufacturers.

Every Brenton trigger is hand-tuned and test-fired (at our test bench) for optimal performance by one of our expert trigger technicians as the final quality check before it’s ready for delivery.


Brenton USA Forever Warranty

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